AppQ is a team of highly qualified software developers. Some of us works in the industry more than 8 years. We consult startup business and help them with software development. It is really important for early-bird apps to make changes really fast. We know that. And to do it we are using special architecture techniques. "Q" in our logo means quality. It is top priority for us in everything that we are doing. From idea to implementation. We are using apps that we are doing and we love what we do.

what we do:

Mobile Application Development

Nowadays almost every existing business or startup have a mobile app. There are millions of apps on the App Store. We can help you to develop your awesome application or improve existing one if you have it.

iPad Pro Application Development

Announcement of the iPad Pro brings new kind of apps to the market. Professional apps. Interacting with iPad using Apple Pencil brings whole new experience. We can help you to develop your professional app like media editing, drawing, documents creation, etc.

Apple WATCH Development

Have a mobile application? Extend it to allow users to use all benefits of wearing Apple Watch. This will bring new users to your app and increase frequency of using your app.

IoT SDK development

We have a wise experience working with IoT and Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. If you have own custom hardware we can help you to develop and support SDK for your secial device so other developers can use it making great applications for your hardware.

MVP development

You have a startup idea and need MVP to show it to investors? Great, you are in the right place. We can do it faster then others without loosing quality. We can reach that because we have pre-implemented modules and templates which saves development time.

Apple TV development

With Apple TV users can now play games, use productivity and social apps, watch movies, and enjoy shared experiences. Don't miss the opportunity to extend your app for the new platform to get more users or make them spending more time with your app.


Bring The Sting

This app was specially made for the 30th Sting concert. App allows you to purchase watch pass and get security access to the live streaming at show time.

Wounded Warrior Regiment

Information app that provides info resources for WWR community members.

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